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Black Widows And Old Kremlinologists

Black Widows And Old Kremlinologists

Black Widows and Old Kremlinologists

By Wendell W Solomons

31st March 2010

Would the strategists have anticipated that clues would arrive for you and me sooner than in the case of the attack on Iraq for its Weapons of Mass Destruction?

The two subway stations chosen for the explosions of 29 March 2010 chance to be familiar (of above 100 stations in Moscow) to old-time Kremlinologists — not Chechen extremists.

* * *

Into the early 1990s when Moscow’s six- and eight-lane central avenues were not filled with Western-built or Japanese cars, US embassy personnel could float around the city in river-launch-like vehicles. I once drove an immense Ford wagon with automatic gearshift, power-steering and power brakes. Cruising in the gas-guzzler returned me to the days of out-of-the-box happy motoring.

US diplomats and miscellaneous operatives including Kremlinologists did not trudge to the Metro in the morning and change trains alongside rank-and-file citizens. A mere spare-time ride between famed marble-lined Metro stations was enough for an American to claim, «Been there.»

TIME magazine’s favourites were the Kremlin, the picturesque multi-cupola church in Red Square and Gorky Street nearby. Lubyanka square arrived because it provided scary texture for readers due to KGB headquarters and a detention centre located there (would that for news balance CIA spooks in Langley, Virginia, received parallel treatment in TIME.)

To foreign newcomers to Moscow, rambling Gorky Park served as another «Must-Do.» A US journalist based in Moscow created a thriller with the park’s name as title.

In short, of among 100 Metro stations, the stations at Gorky Park and Lubyanka are more specific to the world of Cold War TIME magazine and of Kremlinologists. People from Southern Russia and Georgia wouldn’t have the chance to read back-numbers of TIME magazine; bare survival has been the lot of many since Harvard-provided ‘Shock Therapy’ destabilised life. That project was convened on US tax-payer money by old Larry Summers now advisor to President Obama. Journalist Anne Williamson describes Summers as passing the cookie-plate around to his cronies in an uncontested consultancy bid that violated US Federal regulations and remains open for Court investigation. More is available in the Congressional testimony of US Prof. Janine Wedel.

The Metro attack arrives soon after Hillary Clinton’s visit to Moscow and news reports indicated that she did not find the Russian leaders pliant. Hillary Clinton’s arrived was in step with the strategy meeting held in Washington DC by the US President with Israel’s head Bibi Netanyahu.

What’s been going on?

1. To overcome its huge deficit in dollars — only in part due to 750 foreign bases and two ongoing wars — the US has been trying to talk the EU into wasting its euro currency on defence hardware to match the waste of the dollar.

2. Lately setting aside a project to fence off Russia with a new string of bases as a «missile defence shield» pointed at Russia from Central Europe, US policy now shifts to converting Iran into bogeyman. And it wants other nations to chip in to fence off Iran. This is an obvious move to anticipate in the strategy of the same Larry Summers, seated as head of President Barrack Obama’s White House Economic Council. With Summers hanging onto his desk with the tentacles of a squid, the White House continues flirting with an insurmountable economic recession and a dollar overprinted and sunk in the world market.

3. Besides trying to corner the EU to waste its euros on defence, the Obama Administration now button-holes China and Russia to get them to act against Iran because the Gaza issue challenges Israel with EU parliamentarians adding their voices to concerns on humanitarian issues. So far Palestinians’ ally Iran has proven far too bristly a target for the missiles of the US and Israel to tackle directly. The US calculates that the Gulf — recently visited by Hillary Clinton — through which 40% of the world’s petroleum passes, could become a blazing inferno of oil tankers in the event of a military flare-up (Iran’s Sunburn missiles fly at twice the speed of sound and that makes jet planes vulnerable.) Therefore, sanctions for Iran arose as an alternative project.

Further east, a coy Hillary Clinton was coaxing Beijing in 2009 by (‘We are in the same boat together’.) In a jump to rough-housing now, China is being prodded by the US with the sales of arms to Taiwan. What more than a prod for Moscow now?

Ordinary mathematical probability — outside Kremlinologist determination — that the two Metro stations would be selected as twin targets by dispossessed and distraught women (dubbed Black Widows by Western news sources,) surpasses the chances we see at face value as 2:100.


Traces of the participation of Georgia’s special services are also being investigated by Russia. A subsequent strike with 200 kg TNT-equivalent in Dagestan, adjacent to Georgia, has been claimed by Moscow to be a link in the chain. The evidence on Georgia is not conclusive at this stage but the country’s fate helps describe that of several newly emergent nations in the region.

Georgians are today so exploited that the country provides troops for dollars to serve the US for its killing fields in Iraq. In an incongruous scenario, the much-afflicted nation has been handed an ultras’ flag with five crosses. The flag once symbolised Christian Knights Crusaders fighting Islam in the medieval Middle East. More, President M. Saakashvili was moved to claim that Georgia’s Cabinet incorporates two Israeli citizens one as Minister of Defence.

Meanwhile, Caucasian press information (source: says that Defence Minister David Kezarashvilli has moved to Israel due to charges of high-price purchases of weapons from Israel (the FBI also investigates these purchases because US officials are allegedly involved.)

Further, weapons purchased in the Ukraine below cost under the supervision of Georgia’s Defence Minister are also being investigated. Head of investigations on the Ukrainian side Valery Konovalyuk was forced by threats that he received to request safety for his family and himself.

Georgia emerged resource-poor after wizards like Larry Summers (then World Bank Chief Economist) decided to overrule protests at the IMF by Jacques de Groote. The latter economist, a professor in his native Belgium, saw the need to fend off instability in the former USSR by maintaining the rouble-zone of 320 million population in analogy with the euro-zone’s 400 million people.

In the enormous complexities bequeathed to us today we see a project to fill the gaps by creating work for the EU, Russia and China to encircle Iran. That needs major catalysis by the US because a decision by the UN Security Council requires Russia’s and China’s support for sanctions. As matters stand, the results of the escalation from the 27th November 2009 bombing of the express train bound for St. Petersburg to the hit on 30th March of two Moscow Metro stations, indicate that US strategists may favour sterner prodding of Moscow.

Yet, besides all else, further bombings will ask more questions about one of the three men awarded on 23rd February 2010 the Dynamite Prize «for doing most to fuel the global economic recession.» Larry Summers is a laureate of the poll of 11,000 economists.

Doesn’t Summers seem too criminally liable a bomber of world civilization to remain protected under cover of US Presidential wings?


Новые смертницы и старые кремлинологи

Цитата —

Грузия оказалась бедной природными ресурсами после того, как волшебники как Ларри Саммерс (тогда Главный экономист Всемирного банка) решили отвергнуть протест в Международном валютном фонде Жака де Грота. Последний экономист — профессор в своей родной Бельгии — видел необходимость сбаланцировать неустойчивость в пространстве СССР, поддерживая рублевую зону 320 миллионов населения по аналогии с еврозоной с населением 400 миллионов.

Совет Безопасности ООН

В огромных сложностях, завещаемых нам сегодня, мы видим проект заполнить промежутки, создавая работу для Евросоюза, России и Китая для того, чтобы окружить Иран. Стратегия нуждается в катализе США, потому что решение санкций Советом Безопасности ООН требует поддержки России и Китая.

В создавшейся обстановке, результаты подъема с 27 ноября 2009, бомбя специального поезда, направляющегося в Санкт-Петербург к акции 29 марта на двух станциях московского метро, указивают, что американские стратеги могут одобрить более строгое подталкивание Москвы.

Все же, помимо всего остального, дальнейшие бомбежки спросят больше вопросов об одном из трех мужчин, награжденных 23 февраля 2010 Призом Динамита «за выполнение больше всего, чтобы питать глобальный экономический спад.» Ларри Саммерс — тоже лауреат опроса 11.000 экономистов.

Разве преступления не говорят красноречиво об ответственности бомбардировщика мировой цивилизации, чтобы Саммерс не остался под укрытием американских Президентских крыльев в качестве председателя Национального экономического совета в Белом доме ?


The Northern Caucuses news source below discovers the diary of the main coordinator of protection money collection. Money arrived via Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan to create jobs for new Jihadists in Dagestan. This area too was one of the many left without jobs or resources in the wake of the Shock Therapy organised by President Obama’s advisor Larry Summers and his hand-picked reformers /wws

В УФСБ РФ по РД отметили, что «в блокноте Магомедова имеются пометки на полях страниц, свидетельствующие о наличии канала денежных средств на нужды бандподполья из Саудовской Аравии, Турции, Грузии и Азербайджана». «Фактически нейтрализацией Умалата Магомедова — основного координатора налаженной боевиками «системы поборов» — удалось приостановить механизм самофинансирования террористический и экстремистской деятельности бандподполья», — подчеркнули в силовом ведомстве.


On the next day [31 Aug 2009] , the identities of the slain gang members were established. A public relations wing of the department of the FSB in Dagestan, informed «РГ» that a citizen of Algeria with the code name Doctor Muhammad was one of the gang and is none other than a member of «Al-Qaida». And Sultan Magomedov, an inhabitant of Kizlyar area of [Dagestan] republic helped him.

Meanwhile the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan has specified to «РГ» that the slain Arab terrorist was a native of Algeria and held French citizenship. Doctor Muhammad played an important role in the terrorist underground. Under operational plan, he arrived in North Caucasus ten years ago through the Pankissky gorge of Georgia. Together with the known international terrorist Hattab he was included in the group and engaged in the organisation of a terrorist network in the Chechen Republic.

In 2007 Doctor Muhammad was directed to Dagestan. He was tasked with controlling bandit groups in Dagestan and providing their financing — as a public relations wing of the Dagestan department of the FSB told the «РГ» correspondent. In 2008 and in the beginning of 2009 Muhammad together with Ilgar Malachiev, one of the leaders of the local bandit underground, provided a corridor for a groups of insurgents from the territory of Azerbaijan for staging events in Dagestan and further in the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia.



Wendell W Solomons is a researcher whose reports appear at 34,000 web portals as of end March 2010. Among duties he attends to is Russian translation in Sri Lanka.

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